John Greenwood Photography
Hello and welcome to John Greenwood Photography. This site is dedicated to the art of landscape and nature photography by British photographer John Greenwood using both a traditional 5x4 large format wooden field camera and also digital SLRs.

About the Photographer
John Greenwood is a passionate and experienced landscape photographer rapidly receiving worldwide renown. John regularly works with a number of camera formats. He has a passion for using a large format camera, as by its nature, the camera is slow to use enabling John to really appreciate his subjects. Large Format Landscape Photography is more about anticipating and understanding nature rather than reacting to the changing landscapes.

John loves being outdoors and is privileged to be a landscape photographer as he is able to spend more time in the landscapes he loves. Living in the beautiful county of Worcestershire, offers lots of wildlife and stunning views for both nature photography and landscape photography and is also central to many beautiful landscapes around England. Being a keen Naturalist, it is John's ambition to use his photography to inspire and to evoke an interest in nature to help preserve the beauty of the countryside before it is lost forever.
Digital Landscapes
The photographs displayed in the Digital Landscapes gallery have either been taken on a digital camera or traditional camera and scanned. The image processing has been done to show the landscape as it was seen when the photographs were taken.
Large Format Landscapes

The photographs displayed in the Large Format Landscapes gallery have been taken using a 5x4 large format field camera. The beauty of a large format camera is that it is ideal for taking a contemplative approach.


Central Weather
01st May 2012
During recent interesting weather conditions, floods during a drought, I took the opportunity to take a photo of the floods at sunset. I was lucky to get the shot as there hadn't been too many sunset during the wettest April on Record.

My photograph of the Malvern Hills and floods across Worcester were featured on the ITV Central evening weather forecast on T.V. and on their website which was a great honour.
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